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Nikolay Feldman

He uses this photo everywhere. It's not even good...

Nikolay looking all cool

All the chicken is burnt though.

Nikolay Feldman + Marissa Mayer

Probably Nikolay's biggest achievement at Yahoo.

Can I look any more Russian?

Belarus consulates need to update their website with passport renewal instructions... No I wont call you to figure out how to renew my expired passport.

Nikolay snowboards!

He wiped out pretty hard after this...

Nikolay is vaccinated

Coronavirus is no joke...

Nikolay shops sometimes

He doesn't remember the last time he bought a t-shirt though.

Nikolay needs a hobby

This isn't it though, he's not talented enough to draw this...

Nikolay likes motorcycles

Fun fact: Niko bought his motorcycle the first day after landing in California after graduating Uni.

Is paypal hiring?

Nikolay gets interested in the weirdest of things

Niko was so cute, what happened?

It was on this day that I realized Nodejs is the only real dev language.

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